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The trumpet / John Wallace and Alexander McGrattan.
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2011]
xx, 338 pages : illustrations, musique ; 25 cm.
Comprend une bibliographie (pages [314]-329) et un index.
1. The trumpet in the ancient and non-Western world -- 2. The trumpet: definition, manufacture and technique -- 3. The trumpet in Europe and its environs to 1600 -- 4. The art of the trumpet player in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries -- 5. Italy and the imperial court at Vienna in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries -- 6. Germany in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the trumpet writing of Handel, Telemann and Bach -- 7. France and Britain in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries -- 8. The Concertos of Haydn and Hummel -- 9. The trumpet and its players in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries -- 10. The `Bach revival', `Bach' trumpets, and the advent of the piccolo trumpet -- 11. Repertoire, technique and performance idioms since 1900 -- 12. Jazz and the image of the trumpet since 1900.
In the first major book devoted to the trumpet in more than two decades, John Wallace and Alexander McGrattan trace the surprising evolution and colorful performance history of one of the world's oldest instruments. They chart the introduction of the trumpet and its family into art music, and its rise to prominence as a solo instrument, from the Baroque "golden age", through the advent of valved brass instruments in the nineteenth century, and the trumpet's renaissance in the jazz age. The authors offer abundant insights into the trumpet's repertoire, with detailed analyses of works by Haydn, Handel, and Bach, and fresh material on the importance of jazz and influential jazz trumpeters for the reemergence of the trumpet as a solo instrument in classical music today. Wallace and McGrattan draw on deep research, lifetimes of experience in performing and teaching the trumpet in its various forms, and numerous interviews to illuminate the trumpet's history, music, and players. Copiously illustrated with photographs, facsimiles, and music examples throughout, The Trumpet will enlighten and fascinate all performers and enthusiasts. -- Rabat de la jaquette.
The Yale musical instrument series
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